Colour, music, laughter and fabulous food
being shared at an exotic Middle Eastern banquet, your senses will explode and feed your soul. There’s simply NOTHING else like it in Melbourne.  Mezza is the perfect choice when you’re looking for somewhere unique to delight and impress your guests or to just have a memorable night out.

You’ll enjoy our delectable authentic Lebanese menu and fabulous fresh food, exotic décor, and exceptional service from our dedicated professional staff.  And there are our talented belly dancers and traditional Arabic music to entertain you like royalty. 

We are the perfect choice for all group sizes, from 2 to 200 people. Our goal is to not just to fill the stomach, but also to arouse the senses, and with recipes that date back centuries, fabulous fresh ingredients and exceptional service, it will be night to remember!

62 Lygon St., East Burnswick, Victoria, Australia - Phone: 03 9380 9766